We provide outsourced B2B sales expertise to digital companies wanting to maximise commercial opportunities and drives revenues in the Philippines and Singapore

Companies We Represent


Outbrain is a premium discovery platform
that helps connect businesses to their
target customers through personalised
ad recommendations on the world’s
leading news & media sites. They use
proprietary interest and behavioural data
to capture attention and inspire action.


Enixta is an (AI) Artificial Intelligence
company that aggregates and extracts
consumer insights online. Enixta’s
suite of AI solutions are specifically
catered for businesses who would like
to automate insight extraction and
customer engagement.


Kumu (short for “kumusta?” / “how
are you?”) is the fastest-growing social
network in the Philippines. It is a
powerful livestream platform that
prioritises the voices of over 100
million Filipinos around the world.

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